Musicians: Remember To Use Your Socials To Show What You Do

Social media has to accomplish a LOT of things: community building, brand building, entertainment, social curation, but we can’t forget the music.  If I discovered one of your tracks on Spotify and through a Google found your Instagram or Twitter page, how long would I have to scroll down to see a photo of you onstage or in the studio? Would I be easily be able to see a video of you performing a track, either on stage or acoustically at home or maybe in a rehearsal room?


If you followed a comedian on Twitter you’d want them to be telling you little jokes and giving you funny tweets throughout the week, right?  It’s sort of the same with musicians. We’ve got to make sure that amongst all the other social posts we don’t forget the music. People need to hear clips of it, see you performing it and to be able to look at snaps performing, rehearsing or recording it.  Your audience shouldn’t ever lose sight of what you do.

With that in mind you need to make sure that you go out of your way to have someone film or take snaps at your live shows.  You need to take time out when rehearsing or when in the studio to document the process and show people what you do. Make sure you collect that content that is going to reinforce your music message.

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