15 Top YouTube Tips For DIY Musicians

Here’s a collection of fifteen rapidfire YouTube tips to help you get more views on your videos!

  • Cover songs will help your discoverability on YouTube.  Put the original artist’s name and song title first in the video description and ‘your artist name cover’.  If you’re doing a cover of a new song, be quick, you’re going to have a lot of competition. The quicker you learn and upload, the better.
  • If you’re doing covers, don’t be boring, switch up the genre to turn people’s heads.
  • If your song has a theme, put that in the songs title (break up song). Remember, you’re trying to get people to click and watch before they’ve heard it.
  • Collaborate and create videos/songs with other artists to tap into their online audience.
  • Like any other platform, to create community and to make your audience feel appreciated, reply to all your YouTube comments.
  • You need to make your thumbnail pop. Examine the ones you see on popular videos and copy their style.
  • Descriptions are important for YouTube SEO.  You get 5000 words so pack it with important keywords for your music genre.  Put your lyrics in there, tour dates and any info you feel is necessary. Make sure you put important info such as social/streaming addresses right at the top of the description (above the fold).
  • If you’re stuck as to which keywords to use, try this SEOtool.
  • Organise your videos into playlists (live songs, music promos, behind the scenes etc.). Share the playlist, never just the video within the playlist you want to watch.
  • Remember to send your mailing list whenever you upload a new video.
  • Make sure you ask people to subscribe in the description. Persistence pays off!
  • You can get people to subscribe by visiting a URL www.youtube.com/user/YOURCHANNELNAME/?sub_confirmation=1
  • tunestotube.com will create cover art videos from mp3s for you in seconds.
  • Maximise your content and create multiple videos from one song (music promo, cover art, live acoustic performances).
  • Get the vid iQ Chrome plugin. It’s free, it gives you loads of stats about your channel, but it will also read reads video tags on other videos so you can swipe them for yourself! https://vidiq.com/extension/

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