Spotify Is Creating Song ‘Storylines’: Here’s How You Can Go ‘Behind The Lyrics’ Too

Spotify is currently road testing a new feature ‘Storyline’.  Storyline allows an artist to present behind the scenes information about a song in a format that’s not too dissimilar to Instagram Stories whilst it is being played by a user..

If you’ve seen the popular  ‘Behind The Lyrics’ feature on Spotify you’ll know this is nothing new.


Spotify already ‘annnotates’ the stories and meanings behind certain songs.

With Storyline the information will come directly from the artist not from a third party like the Genius service who have been accused misinterpretation on some songs.

At the moment the Storyline feature is just in the hands of a few megastars and it could be a while before it reaches DIY artists such as ourselves.  In the meantime, we can of course get ahead of the game and produce our own version.

To create your own ‘Behind The Lyrics’ video use Canva or Photoshop etc to create a series of ‘cards’ which tell the story of how you wrote a particular song.  Now sequence those cards in a video editing application to the original music, using simple transitions between the cards.  Think of it as a type of lyric video, but one that tells the meaning of the song and how it came to be.

This also means you can create another piece of social/video content from a song.  The sequence of video content you can put out from one track could now be:

Cover Art Video – Lyric Video – Performance/Promo Video – ‘Behind The Lyrics’ Video

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