How To Create A Landing Page For Your Podcast

As part of your overall music marketing you should really have a podcast to allow your superfans to spend more ‘quality time’ with you.  The podcast could be about yourself and your music or a topic which is of interest to yourself and your audience, I’ll let you decide.

One of the issues with podcasts is the number of different platforms where podcasts can be consumed which results in sharing multiple links to your audience.  It can get a little messy.

Step forward PodLink. allows you to search for your podcast and then give it a landing page where people can jump to their preferred podcasting platform.  It will automatically list your current episode and allow it to be played from there too. You can pay acquire your own URL on the PodLink platform but you can create your own using something like I suppose.

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 18.02.36

It’s by no means perfect (it doesn’t list Spotify for example) but it’s a good free tool which I’m probably going to start using myself.

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