Why YouTube Could Be More Important To Musicians Than Getting On A Playlist

I’ve just read a killer article on Medium written by Amber Horsburgh which discusses the importance of YouTube over streaming services for a musician’s career.

YouTube has a whopping  47% of all music listening time, people are on there, discovering and listening to music (so your music should be on there).  Visuals help memory and recall so your song is likely to stay ‘with’ people for longer if it’s accompanied by some form of visual content.  If they find your music through a music video on YouTube over say a playlist on a streaming, you’re likely to be remembered more. Something to bear in mind.


YouTube is also the place where your fanbase can grow to love you more.  As well as music videos (trad promos, live performances, lyric videos etc) the article suggests you should be filling your channel with videos that engage your audience in a myriad of ways.  Review things, talk about the news, talk about how you create your music, do reaction videos, do guitar tabs and how to ‘play’ videos, go ‘into the mix’, talk through choices of a curated playlist.  You can’t do any of these on a streaming service.

These concepts and tactics will be familiar to anyone who has followed this blog for any extended period of course but it’s a good reminder of the type of content and tactics DIY musicians should be striving to create, time permitting of course.

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