The Power Of Collaboration For Musicians

So Ed Sheeran is about to drop another album.  Love him or hate him, his next album is full of collaborations with some of the biggest artists in music today.


The reason for these collabs is simple: it gets his music in front of a different audience, in Ed’s case that’s the fans of over 15 of the biggest musicians on the planet.  It’s a classic and very effective marketing tool. In fact one of the ways Ed initially rose to prominence was by collaborating with urban artists in the UK and increasing his reach. Clever Ed.

So, by dueting or collaborating with other artists you increase your reach and introduce yourself to their audience.  Don’t think this has to be a studio recorded ‘single’ release. You can duet or collaborate on a live acoustic performance just for YouTube/the socials, you could interview another artist for your podcast, you could discuss the local music scene with them in a blog post. The more times you do this with more artists, the bigger your reach will be.

Get inspired, get networking and get collaborating!

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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