Why The Latest IGTV Update Is Good News For Musicians

One of the biggest downsides to Instagram is its one minute maximum video length. Yes, there’s IGTV for longer videos, however videos for that part of Instagram had to be ‘vertical’ in a 9:16 format whereas most video is 16:9 (landscape).

The latest update to Instagram means that you can now upload traditional ‘widescreen’ 16:9 video footage to IGTV. That’s excellent news. The first minute of your video will appear in the Instagram news feed with an option for people to click and watch the remainder in the IGTV section.


In addition, and this is the killer, IGTV allows you to include a clickable link in the video description.  That’s right, if you upload a video to IGTV, you can include a link which can be clicked by a user to an external website.

So from now on, you can upload your next music videos natively to Instagram and include a link to a ‘landing page’ which can direct people to their preferred streaming platform.  There’s no stopping you!

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