Why Streaming Means You Need To Start Marketing Your Music Later (And For Longer)

In the era of music purchase and ownership, music promotion and marketing was concentrated in a very short period of time.  This condensed period of sales activity created high chart positions resulting and greater kudos and visibility for the artist.

In a streaming world things have changed. All artists now need to create interest around music long after its release. The sustained interest results in continued streams and a continuing revenue.


To keep earning money, you’ve got to keep people streaming!

When it comes to releasing singles, today’s marketing has to reflect this new model.  In the ‘old days’ so much of our marketing was ‘pre-loaded’ before the music was even released.  Nowadays, we have to maintain interest over a longer period and that activity only tends to start AFTER the music has been released.  There’s no point advertising a single too much before release as you’ll lose out when people can’t stream your track.


We now have to stretch our marketing over a longer period.

For effective marketing you should ideally have a sequence of music videos to promote your singles which drop one after the other to maintain interest in this new music.

Cover art video – lyric video – music promo – acoustic session could be one example of such a sequence.

By dropping the first video on the day of release and then premiering each video a fortnight later that gives you two whole months of exposure.  After those two months, you can start teasing your next single release.

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