Musicians: Don’t Run Facebook Ads Like This

I got served this Facebook Ad this week and it’s all kinds of wrong…money literally being thrown away.


Let me count the ways that it’s bad so you don’t make the same mistakes.

1) Who Are These People?


Groove Street Families…Real Authorities…I’ve no idea who they are. I’m not coming to see a band I’ve never heard of.  Money wasted.

2) What Genre Is This?

If I’m a hard core music fan I *could* be interested perhaps if I know what I genre was being served.  It mentions ‘rock’ but is that a figure of speech? Ads need to be clear in telling people what they’re going to get.  This ad fails. Turns out it’s heavy rock which I’m not a fan of. Money wasted.

3) Where Is It?

I’ve no idea when the gig is located.  I had to click the ad to find out. It’s in London which is 200 miles away from me.  I try to travel no more than 15 miles to see a show. Money wasted.

This ad serves as a reminder that trying to sell tickets to a cold audience is nigh on impossible.  You need an introductory phase first, and then ideally some sort of education phase before people are happy to part with their cash.

How should they have done it?  Whoever ran this ad needed to have better interest  targeting for a start. Having been more accurately targeted I could have been served a music video for the headline band and had I watched more than 50% of the video THEN I could have been served this ad, and maybe only then if I was within 25 miles of the venue. That would have been a start.