Musicians: Don’t ‘Set And Forget’ Your Facebook Events

I think most musicians haven’t really grasped how to get the most from their Facebook Events.

I see a lot of artists just ‘setting and forgetting’ Facebook events. They create an event and think they have done their duty in informing the world about their show.  Like a lot of music marketing, this is not the end of the process but the beginning.

Every post in a Facebook Event gives you the opportunity to convert people who are merely ‘interested’ in the show into ticket buying customers. If you don’t post however…you can’t persuade those who are sat on the fence.

So what should you post in a Facebook event to try and persuade those that aren’t yet convinced? Well, you can post footage from your current live shows, pictures of the last time you played in this town/venue to try and shine a light on your music.

You can even post Spotify links to your favourite songs ‘We can’t wait to play this at our upcoming Manchester show…have you got your tickets yet?’. You can also post general missives about how much you are looking forward to playing, as well as ‘countdowns to the big day’. This not only helps to remind people but you can also use scarcity as a tactic to induce sales.


You can pay and use a boost to bring additional eyeballs to the event. Once people declare their interest any further communication you make within the event to try and convert these people will be free (rather than paying constantly to advertise a show).  If you do use a boost, just make sure your targeting is on point so you don’t waste your money.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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