Why You Can’t Rely On Facebook ‘Widgets’

Today I hopped onto the Facebook page of an entertainer to try and find some tour dates.  Went to his Events tab…nothing.


That’s odd I thought.  It was only then that I saw an additional ‘Tour Dates’ tab.  Turned out all his tour dates are listed on Facebook through a Bandsintown widget.


Whilst there is nothing intrinsically wrong with that, Facebook has no knowledge of these Bandsintown events.  These shows live merely as data within a widget and if they are not Facebook events they are not searchable and can’t be shared on Facebook.

Events being integrated and shareable on Facebook IS important, I created a Facebook event yesterday and one day later the event has had a reach of 16,000! If it’s not a Facebook event, that can’t happen.


Here’s what a Facebook Event has been able to achieve for me this week.

So, if you’re using Bandsintown make sure that either it is synched with your Facebook page so it can create the events for you or create them on Facebook yourself manually. Don’t rely on just a widget!

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