MUSICIANS: How Your Fans Can Help Create Your World

Whilst out and about I’ve been spotting  billboards promoting the new season of BBC TV show Peaky Blinders.  These images are actually ‘fan art’; the BBC ran a competition asking fans of the show to create art inspired by the series with the best being used in this promo campaign.


Getting your audience to contribute to your ‘world’ can be a great way to engage and to allow them to demonstrate their artistic talents. You’ll often find that your fans have a variety of talents which can be showcased to the rest of your audience.  Over the years my band have had comic strips drawn, we’ve had several dolls made of the band, people have created their own t-shirt designs, we’ve had anime cartoons drawn…and more.


Why not ask your audience to get creative as a way of engaging them.  You could ask them to design a t-shirt for you, or come up with an image for your next music release.  You could run a drawing competition, ask them to record cover versions to your songs or you could create an instrumental and ask fans to record themselves singing along.

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