If Your Fans Aren’t Engaging With You, Here’s Three Things To Try

Best practice for music marketing dictates that you need to engage with your audience online to keep them interested in yourself and your musical output.  But what should you do if you are making social posts and getting little to no response back from your audience?


There are things to try if your fans aren’t engaging

Here’s a couple of things to look at if you’re suffering from a lack of fan engagement online:

1) You Might Need A Bigger Audience


Only a percentage of your audience are likely to engage with you on a regular basis. If your online numbers are small then the number of potential responders will be small also. You’re likely to need a critical mass of fans before you get a modest response. Work on strategies to build your online following to see a higher overall return.

2) You Probably Need To Change Your Content/Topics

Are you asking the right questions?  Are you discussing the wrong topics? The lack of engagement may well be down to the fact that you’re discussing stuff that your fans just aren’t into.  Use the Audience Insights feature on Facebook to see what pages and interests your fans have. If all else fails, ask them! Also look to see what type of content gets the most responses.  If lyric videos get a better reaction from your audience than live videos, you know where to double down.

3) You Need To Make It Easier

You might need to provide a ‘low barrier to entry’ at first to encourage participation.  Rather than ask questions, start by running polls I’ve found that if your poll is on-brand you can get a great response, as can be seen from a recent poll I ran which had 3,400 responses. Sometimes you need to set the bar quite low before people will ‘join in’.

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