How NOT To Run A Facebook Ad For A Show (And How To Better Spend Your Ad Budget)

I always like to bring you what I think are poor Facebook ads so you can learn from their mistakes.  I’m being served this ad at the moment.


It’s for a nu metal band. I don’t like nu metal, or any metal for that matter. I’ve never heard of this band. They seem to be from my part of the world and they are playing a show in London, 200 miles from where I am located.  I’m not going to travel 200 miles to see a band I’ve never heard of play a genre of music I don’t like. Money wasted.

I was targeted for this ad because I am a male and live near the band’s hometown location.  There is something to be said for spending some money to let Facebook algorithm ‘find’ out who might engage with a post or watch a video but using it to try and make a sale like this is a poor use of Facebook ad spend.

So, if you’re trying to get people to a show and you have money to spend on Facebook/Instagram ads, who should you be paying to target? Try these

  • People who like your page (you could even try using a boost to reach people and their friends).
  • People who have engaged with a post in the past 180 days (via custom audience).
  • People who have watched a 25% + of one of your music videos on Facebook  (via custom audience).
  • People who have responded interested in your event  (via custom audience, needs 20+ respondents to create an audience)

    Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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