How To Make The Best First Impression With A New Fan

I firmly believe that building an audience for all DIY musicians is the equivalent of hand to hand combat.  It’s an intensive activity, and you are quite often increasing that audience one follower at a time. When you get a new follower on Instagram or Twitter that’s the perfect time to reach out, engage and make a good first impression.


Make a first good impression

As a means of engagement why not Tweet back or Insta DM them to say ‘Hey, thanks for the follow’. You can ask them where they heard about you (great market research). You can maybe point them to your email sign-up form on your website.  If you find out that they are new to your world you can maybe point them to a ‘Best Of’ Spotify or YouTube playlist to show them your best work,.


There’s no need to go overboard or be too creepy, play it by ear.  Just replying in the first instance with a message to say thanks is a great way to start a good relationship with them.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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