Three Reasons Why…You’re Not Making The Money You’d Like From Streaming

Streaming accounts for 80% of recorded music revenue in the USA. Thats a lot of people streaming a lot of tracks generating a lot of money…for somebody.

If you’re not making the money you’d like from streaming it’s worth remembering that it’s probably down to a combination of these three reasons.



You Don’t Have A Large Enough Fan Base (Yet)

Streaming is a numbers game.  If you’ve only got a small fanbase, correspondingly you’ll only have a small number of people streaming, it’s that simple.  Having a marketing plan which works on consistently growing your audience and creating REAL fans (not just ‘likes’ on a social network) is what’s needed.

You’ve Not Got A Big Back Catalogue

Numbers again.  If you’ve just got an album and a couple of singles, the modest numbers of tracks you have on these services will generate a modest amount of streams.  As a member of a musical group of some years standing, I’ve got thirteen albums of material on Spotify. That ‘back catalogue’ will generate more streams than if I had just two albums.  The more stuff you have up there for streaming…the more dollars it can generate. It’s that simple. Concentrate on establishing a large body of work for online consumption.

You’re Not Driving Enough Traffic To Streaming

If you’re not using your socials to corral your social audience into consuming your music, you probably won’t see that much in the way of streams.  You need to shepherd and persuade your audience to listen to your stuff, your followers might not listen without a friendly reminder. If you’re not gently pushing people on a regular basis, chances are they might not be listening.

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