Slowing Instagram Growth, Under 25s and What It Means For Musicians

It seems that Instagram’s rapid growth is slowing, it’s now down to 6.7% growth a year.  Does that affect you as a musician? Well, they have over a billion users, which is far more than you have Instagram followers so there’s still lots you can do to build and increase your audience on there.


What is more interesting is that growth in users aged under 25 users isn’t there any more.  It seems the under 25s are going to TikTok instead. That gives us as musicians two things to think about:

1) If your audience is primarily under 25, TikTok is something you should be working hard right now.

2) You might think ‘none of my audience is young enough for me to worry about TikTok’ but if you’re planning for a long term music career, in 10 years time that young audience will 25+ and they’ve been interacting with musicians on that platform for a decade. You’ll have left it too late.


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