How Often Should You Post On Twitter And Facebook?

There isn’t a hard and fast rule about how often you should post on social networks, but there is research out there (I’m using articles from Buffer and Meltwater) that we can use to analyse and make informed judgments.

How many times a day should you be posting?

How many times a day should you be posting?

Interesting Facts.

  • Tweets on Twitter reach ‘peak’ audience after approx 20 minutes, then dwindle.
  • Facebook posts take a little longer reach an audience peak, it’s after 90 minutes.

How often to post to Twitter

  • A 2013 study of big brands show that three tweets a day achieved the best engagement.
  • As tweets reach a ‘peak’ after about 20 minutes so, it might be worth tweeting up to five times a day.

How often to post to Facebook

  • Research by Meltwater suggests that Facebook pages which post between 1.5 – 2 new posts per day on average engage twice as many users as pages that post just once or twice per week.

So twice a day seems to be a good Facebook frequency? So what about Shakira the biggest artist on Facebook?  I’ve just checked her page and a little unscientific research shows she posted 17 times in the last 30 days which is just over one post every two days. So much for twice a day!

So, there are no hard and fast rules.  Try a frequency out, see if it works and then repeat but remember always focus on quality of posts over quantity.


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