How To Organise Your Social Media Posts

How do you organise your social media posts?  Do you just sit down at any specific time of day and post something randomly off the top of your head?  Ideally to be successful you need a little more structure, especially as you should be executing the following ratio when it comes to topics:

  • 80% of your posts should be social
  • 20% of your posts should be commerce (promo for gigs, links to buy music, merch etc).

To try and organise my life I create a calendar where I can ‘map out’ future posts and at a glance see when I last posted about a particular topic.


I use an Excel calendar which I obtained from  The calendar has uploaded to Google Doc so I can access it at anytime on any device, handy when you get ideas on the go.

What you should then do is use analytics and see which of these posts perform well, annotate your calendar retrospectively and then your calendar becomes a database of successful post topics that you can return to.

Here are some of our earlier thoughts on the post frequency you should be using when posting to Facebook and Twitter.

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