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Songkick is a website designed to let fans know when and where their favourite bands are playing.  If you are an artist or band however, Songkick can synchronise your tour dates across a wide variety of platforms: Spotify, YouTube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud etc.  That’s good isn’t it.

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Wouldn’t it be great if someone played one of your tracks on Soundcloud, YouTube or Spotify and they could see where your future gigs were?  Well that’s what Songkick Tourbox allows you to do.

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You can sign up for Songkick Tourbox, stick all your dates in and they will ‘push’ them across all the above platforms (they earn a commision for each ticket they sell).  Depending on the size of your band and the size of the venues that you play, some of your gigs might already be listed on the system which means less work for you.

I don’t think the system is perfect yet.  Dates are supposed to be automatically synched to all platforms but checking on my band it’s a bit hit and miss.  Soundcloud lists three events for my own band, Spotify one event and there is nothing for YouTube however for a free service it’s something you should definitely try.

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