More Social Media Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

Back in December we posted a brilliant blog about some of the worst social media mistakes that artists and musicians make on social media.  It’s a really good post, so good in fact you should print it out as a reminder of what NOT to do on social media.  Here are even more social media faux pas that you should avoid:

1) You’re boring

The Boring Tweets Twitter account is a great example of how NOT to use Twitter.


Your social media posts should primarily focus on engaging and entertaining your audience.  Think about how you can do that rather than posting for the sake of posting.


2) You’re posting at the wrong time

Lot’s of people post content at a time where it will end up being seen by only a small proportion of their fans.  This is especially true on Facebook where your best content should be posted just before the busiest time of the day to get a bigger organic reach. Use your in-built platform analytics tools to find the best times to post so you’ll get the audience your content deserves.


3) You’re Posting Too Often

I often see artists go to town with post after post or Tweet after Tweet within a short space of time.  This can be a turnoff for a lot of people.   If you are going to live ‘blog’/live Tweet an event (which is a lot of fun and is something I’ve done a few times) it’s best to warn people in advance.


4) You Don’t Use Social Media Enough

Many bands only engage with social media media just before a gig or a music release.  This gives your audience the impression that you only want them for one thing, their money.  If you’re after any sort of social media following you need to be posting regularly.  A social media calendar might help you organise yourself here.


4) You’re being too controversial

This is perhaps the hardest one to judge. Musicians should definitely have a viewpoint on a wide variety of topics, campaigns and causes as this ‘positions’ yourself in the musical marketplace and helps shape your brand image.  Be aware however that positioning yourself in one area could leave you with opponents in other areas.  This one is hard to judge, but if you are voicing strong opinions on a topic you need to be prepared to stand your ground and possibly lose some followers who migh tnot agree with your stance.  What you might gain in the long term however will be a deeper connection with your fanbase because of your principles, honesty and authenticity.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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