Facebook News Feed: Everything You Need To Know

When you create a Facebook post only a certain percentage of your followers will see it, and that percentage is determined by an algorithm.  How you post and the type things you post on Facebook will directly affect the numbers of people who will see it so it pays to know (or be reminded) of best practice.  The good people at Buffer have created an article which recaps all the things that Facebook likes or doesn’t like.


You should definately read the post in full, but heres some of the things Facebook likes

  • Posts with lots of comments
  • Posts with lots of likes
  • Post types that users seem to prefer more than others (e.g., photo, video, or status update)
  • Posts that reference a trending topic
  • Posts that receive a high volume of likes, comments, or shares in a short time
  • Videos uploaded to Facebook that receive a large number of views or extended viewing duration
  • Posts that tag other pages within the text
  • Posts from pages that one interacts with often
  • Posts from pages where the fan base overlaps with the fan base of other known high-quality pages
  • Links that have not been posted before

Facebook doesn’t like:

  • Clickbait
  • Frequently circulated content and repeated posts
  • Like-baiting
  • Posts that include spammy links
  • Text-only status updates
  • Posts that are frequently hidden or reported by users
  • Posts that contain the words “like, comment, or share”
  • Posts with unusual engagement patterns (a like-baiting signal)
  • Posts that are classified as memes by Facebook’s visual analysis of overlayed text on image

Read that full article here

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