Creating A Timeline To Promote A Single Release Part 1

Yesterday we discussed what assets you need to promote a single, let’s now try to put them into a timeline and see when each step needs to be undertaken. We can’t cover EVERY step but this will give you a good overview.  You might even want to shorten the overall time period if you are releasing a lot of single but give as much time as possible (at least 4-6 weeks) for anything you send out for review.


NB. Before you start you should research and establish whether blogs/radio shows etc will want music submissions in a physical media, private Soundcloud link, Dropbox format etc.

12 Weeks before release 

Shoot music promo video.  Also record some behind the scenes footage.
Commission single artwork.


10 weeks before release

Publicity photoshoot.


8 weeks  before release

Send promo CD copies and press release to physical magazines or newspapers, genre appropriate radio shows, local radio, community radio, internet radio, new music podcasts.


Six Weeks before release

Contact blogs offering single for review.

Four Weeks before release
Start creating lyric video.

We’ll cover the next half of the timeline tomorrow. 

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