Should You Ever Pay For A PR Company To Promote Your Music?

There a good article over at Hypebot by Angela Mastrogiacomo of  It basically says that bands should lower their expectations as to what a PR company can do for them.


Public relations people and pluggers have the connections and contacts that you don’t have.  They can open the door of the gatekeepers that you can’t get past and get your music in front of the radio stations producers/presenters, music bloggers, journalists etc.  They can cost quite a bit of money.  In fact, the ones with the REALLY good contacts can cost thousands.

The trouble is there’s not a single guarantee that you music will ever get played or featured.  You might just be setting your money on fire for all the good it might do you.  So, perhaps ask yourself these questions before hiring one: 

  • Is the music that you are seeking to promote worth this investment?  Is it so astonishingly good that this little extra push will be worth the investment.
  • Can you find the RIGHT PR company that will place you in front of the people you need (the right radio shows, the right music websites etc) rather than a PR company that will just slap out 100 CD-Rs to anyyone and everyone?
  • Will you be annoyed if I see no return at all on this investment.  Do you have the money to lose?

 Read the article in full here:

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