Can A Music PR Company Get You New Fans?

We’ve talked before about the usefulness of using a PR company in your marketing.  However, lots of bands think that by getting a PR company they’ll automatically gain loads of committed new fans.  Sadly, that isn’t the case, Here’s what actually happens.

Assuming your music is featured/published/played your overall exposure/visibility/reach is increased.  Now that you have the attention of a new audience, those new people will hopefully nativage themselves to your Facebook, YouTube, Twitter channels etc.  Maybe even your website.  From there, your job it’s then YOUR job to engage with them and turn them into fans.

So, PR/plugging doesn’t automatically get you new fans.  What is does is get you is new audience, ‘eyeballs’ and ‘earballs’ if you will. With this new audience, you need to engage and entertain those newbies so they become fans.  If your music needs to find a bigger audience, PR is probably something you should consider but you need to make sure that you have the right ‘aftercare’ in place to look after all those new people.

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