Analysis Of A Good Facebook Post

I noticed this post on my Facebook newsfeed and whilst it isn’t from a band/artist it’s a good example of a successful Facebook post.  Why?  Let me show you:

Let's dissect this post to see why it works.

Let’s dissect this post to see why it works.

  • It includes of a photo/image which makes the post more dynamic and visually appealing than one which is just text alone
  • The image is in the right 1:1 (square) ratio so it display correctly in Facebook news feeds on mobile devices.
  • It uses BLOCK CAPITALS to emphasize elements of content.
  • Use of a logo to reinforce branding (see our last blog post).
  • It includes a call to action (it requests suggestions from the fans of the page).  This will generate engagement which will in turn means increased visibility in other fan’s news feeds. The post will now get seen by more people.
  • It’s fun.  Remember your social media should be 80% entertainment and 20% selling.
  • It includes logos to reinforce branding.

When you are posting to social media, try and include as many of these principles in your posts as possible.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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