Here’s Why You Need A Next Big Sound Account

Next Big Sound is an analytics website for musicians which you link to all your existing social media accounts (YouTube, Facebook etc.).  It then provides you with a ‘big data’ overview of your social media performance online in an instant.  It has a free and paid for tier but the reason why I’m mentioning it here is that the free service has recently added some extra ‘metrics’ to help you analyse your performance better.  For me the free service is great for two reasons

1) It gives you an overview of the weekly performance of all your social platforms in once place.  This allows you to keep track of how well you are doing in an instant.

All your social 'stats' in one easy to read chart.

All your social ‘stats’ in one easy to read chart.

2) It provides a weekly ‘chart’ of your YouTube views.  This allows you to see what is ‘trending’ in your music, perhaps allowing you to adjust your set list so you are playing what the fans are listening to right now.

It's your very own YouTube chart.

It’s your very own YouTube chart.

Sign up for your free account here and see how the data can help you

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