Facebook Posts: Timing Is Everything

Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm works like this: The more people engage with your posts, the more that post will be promoted on Facebook and the more it will be seen by your fans in their timeline.

This graph from Socialbakers uses data calculated from 1000 Facebook pages to show how engagement (the brown line) has a direct effect on reach (how many feeds your post is shown in).


You can see engagement drives reach but also that reach drops off very quickly, the first 15 minutes is crucial in the ‘half-life’ of a post. If you mistime your posting and don’t get a good amount of engagement at the beginning of its lifecycle, the algorithim will think that your post is a dud and stifle its reach.

So, you not only have to think about how you can make your posts engaging, you also have to time them to make sure they achieve maximum reach.

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