It’s Showdown Time: Facebook Video vs YouTube

Creative services company Checkered Owl recently ran some tests comparing YouTube and Facebook video to see how viewing stats (number of views and watch time) compare between the two platforms.

Which platform is best for your video content?

Which platform is best for your video content?

Checkered used different types of video such as lyric videos and performance videos to see which platform was the most effective. You should read the article in full but the results from their research seems to be as follows:

  • Facebook video views seem somewhat inflated.  Less than 25% of people remain viewing a lyric video after 30 seconds compared to 80% on YouTube. People start watching on Facebook (or the video autoplays?) and then viewers quickly die away.
  • Facebook video has some sharing limitations (it can’t be shared in Mailchimp for example) but the fact that a video can be shown in so many news feeds means that they still have a good ‘reach’ compared to YouTube video. Organic sharing of videos on Facebook can pay dividends.

The bottom line seems to be short videos work really well on Facebook, perhaps shorter is better.  If you have longer content perhaps use short Facebook video clips to drive your fans to YouTube.

Read the full article here:

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