My Album Release Diary: Busy Behind The Scenes

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet, but I’ve been ultra busy I promise. Here’s an update.

Having self mastered the track the ‘single’ from the album, I’ve started the lyric video.  I’m using a new text manipulation plug-in I’ve never used before and maybe I shouldn’t have done as the learning curve is quite steep even for a simple tool.  I’m getting the hang of it now but it has meant that progress has been much slower than expected.

I'm busy, busy, busy!

I’m busy, busy, busy!

I’ve written the press release for the single but not formatted it, I have still to create a list of places to send it to.  It seems like quite a few blogs might not accept unsolicited emails/submissions so I’ll have to see how I go with that.

As for the iTunes bonus tracks, got one alternative mix from the album completed, a remixer has completed a remix from a previous album and I’m still writing a final song which will be recorded Wednesday/Thursday next week.

The record store in-store signing has been confirmed.

Thought at the end of a long week: whilst it’s great to do it all yourself, it all needs doing yourself and that takes time. 

Next week is a crucial week: two more days in the studio (Weds/Thurs) followed by unattended mastering on Friday.  Have to order all the items for the deluxe editions and have the artwork completed as I have to order the CDs next week also.  Also have to think about editing a bonus live album too.  AGGGHHH! 

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