How New Bands Can Get Fans And Create A Buzz

There’s a great post over at Music Think Tank by Dylan Welsh showing how new bands with very little fans cans start building connections and create a ‘buzz’.

If you are just starting out, you need a bit of a buzz to help you get noticed.

If you are just starting out, you need a bit of a buzz to help you get noticed.

I think that established bands looking for more fans can still use these tips too.  I’ve added a few of my own thoughts in here also.

Support Your Scene.  You need to make some like minded freinds so what better way to start than with other local musicians.  They are passionate music advocates (who also have their own fanbase).  Go to local shows, introduce yourself, get to know them so that they can get to know you and what you do.  That way you become a ‘known person on the scene’.

Be Visible On & Off-line.  Wherever you see music being advertised/marketed you need to be there too.  If you see posters for gigs, stickers etc you need to be occupying that space and placing your posters/materials there as well.   Find a good open mic night and perform. Contribute to local music Facebook pages/Twitter accounts/Forums and make sure they’re not just spammy posts for your music.

Play The Right Local Gigs In The Right Places. Gig often but don’t play the same venues regularly.  Don’t overplay your hometown, you’ll burn out your local fanbase and people will forever label you as a local band.  Gig swap with other bands to help you play adjacent towns and cities. If you have to play locally constantly change it up.  Have special themes, so for a rock band you can have a night of acoustic versions of your songs, for a metal band do a one of night of covers of your favourite metal act. “For One Night Only” is good marketing! Find ways to keep make your shows different, fresh and a talking point for other people.

Get In With Influencers. Local radio presenters, local journalists/blog writers, Fanzines, anyone locally who already has an ‘in’ on the scene.  Follow them on Twitter get to know what they like and start engaging (not spamming).  Build a relationship and see where that leads you.

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