Music Branding: Why Your Brand Needs A ‘Personality’

We’ve talked before about why you should think of yourself and your music as a brand but it can be a difficult thing to achieve.  One thing that will help you is to consider what ‘personality’ your brand has.


Think about your music and your band as if it were a person.  Now, how would you describe the personality of that person to other people?  Here’s a list of personality ‘traits’ to think about:

happy, serious, gangsta, sexy, intelligent, down to earth, over the top, funny, laid back, aggressive, excitable, caring, childish etc  

However many of these apply, you should ensure that there is evidence of these traits in all your channels of communications.  This includes your photography, graphical imagery and the type of things you share or talk about on social media channels.

If fans can ‘see’ this personality in those channels it helps them ‘position’ you better and helps build a stronger relationship with you. 

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