Build Your Music Brand Using Other Brands

We’ve talked in the past about how you need to think of yourself as a brand (see links below), but building that ‘brand’ can be a difficult thing to achieve.  One shortcut you can take is to associate yourself closely with other, more recognisable ‘brands’.  The idea is that by associating yourself by means of a close proximity with these other brands, the connotations of these brands (and goodwill) is transferred onto you.


You can do this by:

  • Sharing and discussing the music of bands with similar values/personality of yours on your social channels.  Explaining why you like a track and what it means to you is a great idea.
  • Collaborating with artists/bands with the same ‘brand’ as you.
  • Associating yourself with certain consumer brands with the same values.  Don’t overdo this one but done subtly it can work. So, if what you eat and drink on tour or in the studio has a brand which is close to yours, show it off in your photos etc.

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