Learn From Your Competition

Sometimes if you want to grow, you need to learn by analysing the people around you who are more successful than yourself.   What I want you to do today is to take a look at the marketing practices of two or more artists/musicians in your genre who are slightly higher up the ‘ladder’ of success than you.

Analysing your competition is a standard business practice.

Analysing your competition is a standard business practice.

You’ll know who they are…their success is something you admire.  Maybe it even irks you a little.  Why do THEY have all the success when you’re just as good as them if not better?  Well, it may well be that they’re doing things right and you’re doing things wrong.  Maybe you need to analyse exactly what they’re doing in a little more detail and see what changes you might need to make to your own marketing:

Branding: Do they have a clear logo, attitude, brand values, musical style.  Is it clearer than yours?  Based on their brand, do you need to refine your brand?

Product line:  What are they selling through their online shop?  Can you go to one of their gigs and have a look at their merch stall?  How their merch stall is laid out?  Do they use any form of point of sale items that works well?  As the person running the merch stall what the best selling lines are (you can say it’s for a friend!).

Videos: What sort of videos are they making?  What videos seem to get the most response from fans on  Facebook/YouTube etc?  Should you be making more of those types of videos?

Social Media: What types of things are they posting?  Again, what gets the most comments/best responses from fans? Are you running that content on your social channels?

Promotion & Advertising:  Where are they promoting and marketing themselves?  Are they running ads in certain publications?  Are they using a PR company to get them press coverage?

Takeaway tip: You need to be able to identify their strengths of your more successful peers and use the same strategies in your own marketing.

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