Are You Google-able?

The main topic of today’s post is “can people find you easily?”

I’m a big fan of electronic band Orbital, aka brothers Paul and Phil Hartnoll.  When they split in 2014, Paul announced he’d be continuing to write and performing electronica under the name ‘8:58’.

Techno pioneer Paul Hartnoll.

Techno pioneer Paul Hartnoll.

One year on however and he’s had to scrap the 8:58 moniker as it’s too difficult for people to find him via search engines.  On his blog Paul writes

eight five eight, eight fifty-eight, eight hundred and fifty-eight, 8:58, 858 ,  2 minutes to nine, you get the idea…. Well, it’s all got a bit messy really .

This got me thinking about dance/punk band chk chk chk (written !!!), what happens when you attempt to Google the term “!!!”?


Oh dear.  Yes, you can search “chk chk chk” and hit the jackpot however a certain percentage of people will give up at “did not match any documents” and move on.

One element of marketing success is your online visibility.  Can you be easily discovered with a Google/YouTube search?  If you can’t be found easily via a search engine (or there are other bands with the same name who have a better search engine ranking than you) it might be worth having a think about whether you need to change your name or or re-title your Twitter/Facebook/website with additional information.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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