The Benefits of Twitter Image Tagging

The more people you can ‘tag’ or mention in a Tweet the more chances you have in getting a retweet and a bigger audience.  The trouble is, with only 140 characters to play with you’re soon going to run out of space.

This is where image tagging comes in; you can ‘tag’ Twitter handles directly within the image and it doesn’t use up any of your 140 character limit.  Sweet.

You can tag Twitter handles into an image here.

You can tag Twitter handles into an image here.

Imagine the following scenario.  You’re doing a gig with three other bands.  You want to tweet about the gig and include all other bands’ Twitter handles. Here’s how to approach it.  Load a jpg of the flyer for the gig (or any image) and then tag the bands’ twitter addresses in the box marked “Who’s in this photo”.

In the image below, I’ve tagged a flyer for a tour with all the venues that we’re playing.  It works in exactly the same way.

Add venues or whatever you like to a Twitter image.

Tag venues or whoever you like in a Twitter image.

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