Twitter Analytics For Bands (Updated)

Well it’s coming up to nearly a year since Twitter introduced its own analytics so it’s a good idea for us to have a look at the current version of the analytics page and how you can use this feature in your marketing.  You access the analytics page by logging in here  Navigate the various sections using the tabs top left of the screen.


The top of the home page gives a general overview of your Twitter effectiveness in the past 28 days.


Scroll a little further down to see your top performing tweet along with your top mention (someone else who has mentioned you in one of their tweets).


This person is possibly an Twitter influencer and should be someone you should try and interact with more.



The main bar chart (above) shows each days impressions and underneath that you’ll see individual stats for each tweet (see image below).


The two main stats to examine here are:

Impressions (the number of times your followers saw your tweets) and
Engagement (the number of fan interactions – how many people favourited, retweeted or replied)

Each tweet has an Engagement rate which is derived from the following ratio (Favourites + RTs + Replies ÷ Total number of followers).

Social Bakers recons 0.7% is a good engagement rate for an ‘average’ Twitter account.  For the month just past I scored an engagement rate of 5.7% so it shows I’m posting content and stuff that my fans are into.  If you don’t get such a good score you mayne need to cater your posts more around your followers’ interests (see Followers section below).

Exporting The Data

If you want to drill down, click the Export Data tab to download this information as a CSV file which can be imported into a spreadsheet.  


You can then ‘sort’ in Excel to easily found the posts with the best impressions and engagement.  

You can sort using either impressions or engagement rate to find your top performing posts.

You can sort using either impressions or engagement rate to find your top performing posts.

Examine the topics of those tweets, the type of content you used (videos, pictures etc) and give your followers more of the same to have a bigger impact on Twitter.

Here you can get information on your followers interests.


The idea is these topics are what your fans are into so you’ll get better engagameent by tweeting about these topics. 

By clicking the ‘Demographics’ button you can get information on your followers gender split and location.  


Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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