How To Get Fans To Open Your Mailouts

As a DIY musician, you should definitely have a mailing list as a means to contact your fans but it’s no good having a large email list if none of your subscribers opens your emails. So how can you get fans to open your newsletters?


You have to make sure your fans open your emails.

Here are some tips from Mailchimp to make sure you improve those open rates so those emails don’t go unread

Personalise Your Emails

By collecting a fan’s name, you can use the capabilities of your mailing list service to include that name as part of the Subject Line i.e. “David, here is the March Kool Runnings Mail Out”


Don’t Repeat The Same Line Month After Month

If you use the same text again and again it will just become noise. Keep it fresh.

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Keep The Subject Line Short

The shorter and snappier the better.


Add Emojis

Services like Mailchimp allow you to add emojis to subject lines.


Mailchimp allows you to include emojis in your subject line.

Tease Them

You know that ‘Buzzfeed’ trick where people need to know the answer, do the same on your email subject ie. “New Tour Announce: Guess Where We Are Playing?” Or “New Live Setlist Announced: Are we playing YOUR favourite song?”


Test Your Subject Line

Most services will allow you to send out two different small test samples (Version A and Version B).  Whichever has the greater open rate from your smaller sample, use that subject line for your entire mailout.


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