BANDS: How To Win Big At Your Local Shows

Every band likes an out of town gig but the majority of shows for DIY bands and musicians are what could be referred to as ‘local shows’.  David McMillin over at Tunecore offers us five tips to make those locals shows more successful.

Think Small

It’s better to pack out a small room than play to a half empty larger room.  If people can’t get into your shows because they’ve sold out, that’s great marketing!

think-small (1)

Create An Experience

Bring your songs to life by putting on a ‘show’ and not just a gig.  Think about additional musicians (guest players from other local bands perhaps), special stage dressing…anything that will make the night‘out of the ordinary’.


Get Personal With Your Marketing

Make sure you hit up all your local fans individually.  You should know your keen local fans, they are the ones that are always popping up on your social networks.  Make personal contact inviting them to the show.


Be A Star For The Night

Local crowds are often friendlier and more accommodating than other audiences because they know you better and love you more. Use the confidence that you get playing to supportive local fans to give a dynamite show that people can’t stop talking about.


Don’t Play Too Many Local Shows

Overplaying your home town is one way to be seen as a ‘local’ band with no outward vision.  Play too many local shows and local fans will stop coming because they know they can always come to the next one.   Remember, scarcity creates demand, excitement and anticipation for your next appearance!


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