The Best Way To Create Fans? Say Thank you!

A simple one for all bands, artists and musicians out there. Want to know one the quickest and easiest ways of building a stronger relationship between you and your fans?  It’s very simple, just say thank you.


Obligatory ‘cat thanks’ photo.

If you played a great gig be sure thank the audience from the stage.  Meet people at the merch stall and thank them for coming.  Get on social media the day after with some gig photos and again thank the audience for attending.  The fans who reply to your posts, thank those people personally.  Make sure you do the same when releasing music and thank the people who buy or support it in some way.


Another cat thanks pic…feel free to use this one yourself!

Effort and interaction with your fans in this way is your number one tool to make your fans care about you and your music.  If you demonstrate that you care about them, they’ll care about you!

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