More Tips For Creating Great Music Videos For No Money

We’ve covered the topic making cheap music videos before on 60SMM but it’s always good to get more advice on how to make music videos that don’t cost the earth.  I’ve discovered an article by Jesse Sterling Harrison over at Sonicbids that does just that and here are some more great tips to think about before you do your next music video

Do Your Research

Watch as many music videos as you can to figure out what makes a good music video. Examine the shot composition, editing style, how many scenes they have etc.  Learn from the best and emulate these in your video.


Film Somewhere Interesting

Rather than creating everything yourself, film around or within an existing event.  It could be the crowds on the way to a sporting event, an open air arts festival, the local kids skateboarding…anywhere you can put yourself among some existing ‘action’ which you film and incorporate into your promo.i-4FDbXZJ-L

Find something interesting in your local neighbourhood and film it!

Limit Your Locations

The more locations you use the more travelling and the greater the logistics.  Limit your locations and make sure you get the most out of them when you’re filming.

Start With A Bang

You need to capture people’s attention right at the start.  Make sure your first scene/shot grabs people’s attention so they don’t click away.


Read the article in full here

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