Do You Put Enough Effort Into Your Music Marketing?

Many DIY artists fail to make an impact because they aren’t prepared to put real effort into their marketing.  Let me give you an example. My band is on currently on tour so it’s imperative I up the ante with my social media marketing to remind fans that we’re on the road.  Here’s some of the things I’ll be doing in the next seven days or so:

  • I’ll be releasing the third in a series of performance music videos (on Facebook and YouTube) to remind people of our ‘live experience’.  Shorter clips will go on Twitter and Instagram.


    I’ve timed the release of a series of six perfomance videos to co-incide with a tour.

  • I’ll be releasing a talking head video from our singer to promote a gig the following week similar to the one below.


    Creating a ‘sales message’ in video form is one of the best ways to get the message out there.

  • I’ll be reposting custom images to remind people on Twitter and Instagram of the shows we have coming up.


    Eye catching images work well on social to help promote your gigs.

  • I also hope to be releasing the next episode of my band’s podcast as well as sending out my band’s latest monthly mailing list.


    I’ll release another of our band’s podcasts to engage and reach out to our fanbase at an important time.

That’s a lot of content and a lot of work isn’t it?  Yes, but this is level of marketing is needed if I’m to make an impact and sell tickets for the remaining ten shows on the tour.  Does it pay off?  Well, two of the shows sold out this week and another sold out and has been moved up to a larger capacity room. I think that speaks volumes.


You need to put effort into your marketing to see results.

So, if you have a music release, a tour or even just an important gig you need to make the effort with your marketing to make it a success.  This doesn’t just mean reposting the same links again and again.  Far from it, you need to make sure you’re creating content that entertains and engages your existing fans and also reaches out to new fans.  You should definitely be paying to promote some of this content to help get the word out too.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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