Musicians: Curate More Content On Social Media

As a musician you’re supposed to be posting lots of your songs, photos and other forms of content on your social media channels, right? The problem is you’ve only got a limited amount of time to create that stuff so the smart thing to do is to ‘curate’ other people’s’ content as well .  Curating content simply means sharing and retweeting stuff from other people.


Sharing is a great way to entertain your fans and tell them aboutwhat makes you tick.

By doing so you entertain your audience and give them an insight into what interests you. Here’s some simple examples to get you started:

  • Share a YouTube video or Spotify URL of your favourite music.  Create conversations around it “This has always been my favourite AC/DC track, what’s yours?”.
  • Post links to news stories/web articles which mean a lot to you. Again, ask for people’s thoughts “I’m really excited about the new Nintendo Switch?  What do you lot think?”
  • Retweet and share the stuff you find which makes you laugh and smile.  Pass the good vibes on.

Sharing other people’s music and videos means there’s less pressure for you to continually make your own content.

All this curated content shapes who you are in the eyes of your fans.  It helps show your audience your interests and passions.  It helps put your music into context and turns an audience into fans.

Takeaway Tip

Share more of other people’s stuff!

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