Saying “Thank You” Will Help Your Music Marketing

I saw this artefact pop up on Queen’s Facebook last week to promote their latest release, an album of 1970’s BBC Radio sessions.14714813_10154038411167362_786515856998140994_o

It’s a thank you note the band wrote to a BBC session producer and it’s a timely reminder that you should be saying “thank you” more to help with your music marketing.

When you get some radio play, coverage in a blog or if you’ve had a great gig, drop a note either on the socials, through an email or even a handwritten one to the people responsible to say thanks.

Those two little words “thank you” can make your marketing a whole lot easier. It demonstrates that you are a thoughtful person and generally people are willing to go out of their way to help nice people.  In addition, not many people will take the time and effort to say thanks and by doing so you are demonstrating that you are “out of the ordinary”.


Remember, there are so many bands, singers and artists out there that exposure, gigs and all promotional opportunities are hard to come by.  By thanking people for the opportunities they have provided, you are more likely to receive opportunities from those same people in the future.

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