Vine’s Closure Shows You Why You Need A Mailing List

If you’re a DIY artist social media is obviously an import part of  your marketing mix.  You should use your social networks to attract and engage an audience but your main focus should be todirect people to your website to sign up to your mailing list. The main problem  with social media is that you dont ‘own’ your audience on there.  A great example of this is today’s news that Twitter is shutting down Vine.


Vine is DEAD!
I would imagine that many creators have spent a lot of time building an audience on this  platform and now all that effort is for nothing.  You could have 20,000 followers on Facebook.  What would happen if Facebook was shut down tomorrow?  How would you contact those fans?

A mailing list is fan data that YOU own.  For the rest of this week, why not prioritise your efforts into getting fans on your social networks to sign up to your list.

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