Document Your Creativity As Part Of Your Music Marketing

Writing songs, recording music, performing live…it’s all part of being a musician.  It’s hard work, it’s rewarding and it’s ‘second nature’. Writing a song or playing a gig can be ‘just another day at the office’.  What musicians probably don’t realise is that the majority of their audience are non creative people who find the whole process of writing and recording fascinating simply because it’s something they are unable to do themselves.


Looking at the origins of song creation is fascinating.

Today’s blog post if a reminder for you to create content at all stages of your song creation/recording processes.  This could be short or long form videos, perhaps blog posts even to fully bring people into your creative process.  By consuming this content your audience will appreciate your music more because they have a better understanding of where it comes from.  This is how you turn an audience into fans.

Here’s a scenario.  Imagine that Bohemian Rhapsody was recorded not in 1975 but in 2016 and Freddie Mercury et al were able to fully document to process online as it happened.


Vintage Queen in the recording studio.

Wouldn’t it be great to have some footage of Freddie sketching out the chords, photos of lyrics and work in progress (imaging the lyrics that DIDN’T make it).  Roger could take us through how he gets those drums to sound like they do.  We could see in real time how those vocal operatic sections were built up.  We could hear the first hand thoughts of producer Roy Thomas Baker as he tries to mix hundreds of elements.  Wouldn’t you have loved to watch all this as it happened?


So, for your next recordings make sure you document and share these valuable experiences. You can even do it retrospectively and create content now about some of your older songs. Here’s Brian May doing something similar showing us inside the multitrack of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Takeaway Tip: Creating content that shows people how you make your stuff is one of the best ways to turn an ‘audience’ into ‘fans’.

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