How To Post Better Stuff (And Reach More Of Your Fans) On Facebook

Let’s cut to the chase.  Facebook filters out boring, uninteresting, dull and overly promotional (salesy) posts so that its users get the most interesting, entertaining, thoughtful and insightful content on their newsfeed.


Facebook filters out the ‘dull stuff’ so that it only shows out the good stuff. That’s how it works.

If you as a band or musician post boring stuff, Facebook will filter it out and the majority of your fans won’t see it.  Ultimately, it’s all down to YOU to come up with good posts.

Here are some tips from entrepreneur Robert Scoble from a post on the PostPlanner website to help you get your posts seen.


Tech guru Robert Scoble.


  • Post photos, we live in a visual world and photos get good engagement.
  • Post insights into music (your music and music in general).
  • Post more playlists. Post playlists featuring music that you like and that influences you.
  • Post more videos.  Post backstage stuff, film other musicians, show us how you create your music.
  • Talk about the towns and cities you enjoy playing.
  • Be honest, be yourself.  Have no filter, say what’s on your heart and on your mind.  People will appreciate that more than BS.

Try them out and see how it goes

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