Quick Tips To Help Brand Your Band

One of the secrets to success in music marketing is branding and the ability to create a brand ‘image’ around your music. We recently ran the 60 Second Guide To Branding however it’s always good to get more tips.

Angela Mastrogiacomo over at Sonicbids recently ran an article about ways you can create and shape your musical persona.  Here are the highlights of the article in 60 seconds or less.

Create Your Beliefs

What do you stand for as a band or musician?  What causes do you support?  What do you believe needs promoting or protecting? What things are you dead set against?  Define this list and let people know about these beliefs through social media and your other forms of communication.


Your belliefs are important and help define and dmonstrate who you are.

What Is Your Reason For Being?

What makes you different from everyone else?  Why does your music need to be heard?  What can you give people that no one else can?  If you’re struggling to answer these questions, reflect on how you can improve on this situation.


Shwo people how you differ from everyone else.

Take Five

Which five words best describe your band/yourself?  Heartfelt? Mysterious?  Energetic? Write these words down and then think of how you can get these across in your communications/onstage persona.

Get Your Band Image Sorted

Make sure you get a set of great photos which reflect the persona you are creating.  Make sure you craft a great biog which explicitly details these ideals and helps to tell the story of where your music is now and where you want it to be.


Read  the article in full here: blog.sonicbids.com/4-ways-to-create-and-perfect-your-band-persona

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