Take A Tip From The Pros To Get People Listening To Your Music

I stumbled across a website this week called uDiscover Music from Universal Music. Put simply it’s a site encouraging people to stream the back catalogue of their artists (Queen, Taylor Swift, Bryan Adams etc).  ud_yt_smaller

Each artist’s album has its own page based upon an article by a music journalist chronicling the ‘story’ of the making of the album.  It includes press clippings and more importantly you can stream the album on the page as well.  There are also links to buy the music too.


Here’s the ‘story’ behind one of my favourite Queen albums on uDiscover.

As we’ve said in this blog before by telling the stories behind your music, your fans will have a better appreciation of where your music comes from.   This is also one way of turning your general audience into ‘fans’.


So, here’s an idea based on what uDiscover is doing.  Why not devote a page on your website to each of your singles or albums to tell people the story of the making of that music.  On the page include pictures taken at the time of recording, written musings on your inspirations to help put the music into context.


Include press clippings or reviews if you have any to help further tell that story.  You can even ask your social media followers for their thoughts on the album and you can include quotes from them on the page too.  Most importantly, embed a Spotify or other music player to encourage the reader to consume the music directly from the page.  You can even include a link to buy the CD or maybe even a t-shirt.

Give it a whirl and see what happens.

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