Musicians: Create Something Remarkable To Get People’s Attention

Today’s post is all about concept of being ‘remarkable’, something I have blogged about before.  Earlier today I spotted a tweet about the following video:

The star didn’t show up for the shoot and the directors shot and created the promo video in a humourous fashion in his absence.  This tongue in cheek approach has garnered a lot of attention from music blogs, music news sites and from music fans because of the concept and the ‘difference’ of the video.  I enjoyed it and today I have been sharing it with my friends.


The ability to be remarkable simply means that people feel compelled to ‘make a remark’ to tell other people about what they have just seen/heard.  As a DIY arist your content (especially your videos) need to be remarkable.


You only have a limited marketing budget so you need to amplify your message creating content which people will naturally will want to share because of its ‘uniqueness’.  This will help your music ‘spread’.  Run of the mill music videos aren’t going to do that.


Make something different, astonishing, eye catching, bizarre, crazy, shocking, outrageous, unbelievable and you’ll find that people will feel compelled to share it.  That’s how you’ll win.

Takeaway Tip

Don’t be boring, create content which is so remarkable people want to share it with their friends.

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